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The Ultimate Film - Channel 4... (Sat/Sun)

Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 12:34
by grim_tales
Jeez.. another day, another film list.. but this one is based on UK box-office reciepts. I may tape it, but we all know Titanic (or possibly Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King) is going to be No 1 surely????? There's nothing that we won't be able to find out by checking IMDB ;)

In fact, I will do that now and save myself 6 hours :D

Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 14:16
by romerojpg
Based on UK Box Office, like wow I have to watch this piece of dogturd, like all the Channel 4 masterpiecex of cinema I need to see this bile!


Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 14:40
by grim_tales
LOL :D Probably I won't see it... may record it, but these fooking TV lists are getting out of hand :D I will do admit to liking the festive countdowns that are music based though :D

Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 14:51
by romerojpg
Thing is they are on for like 6 hours! split over 2 days as well, they interview morons and tossers and basicaly dont actually tell you anything you havent ever heard a thousand times before, and yes Titanic is NUMBER 1, really the top ten is gonna suck hard anyway, and all them will be films from the last few years and I wouldnt waste 10 seconds of my life watching Channel 4 shite :w00t:

Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 14:58
by grim_tales
Yeah, I agree about that, they waste loads of time with talking heads and I'm sure they did a "100 Greatest Films" a couple of years ago, and Gladiator was 3rd or something.. WTF?
It is very good, but not THAT good, surely??
All these silly polls are rigged anyway :D Though some of them havent been too bad (C4's "The Ultimate Pop Stars" which dealt with record sales, was OK). :)

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Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 16:36
by romerojpg
Well for starters they aint voted for by me, so they mean nothing at all, the same goes with all the other ones, ahve you ever voted in any? No! so they mean nothing at all. They are probibly voted for by people from certain places who read certain things only.

Posted: 27 Nov 2004, 16:43
by grim_tales
I did vote in the "UK Music Hall Of Fame" one a few weeks ago :) Not all of them are open to the public, this one won't be obviously.

Posted: 28 Nov 2004, 09:03
by bradavon
I watched parts of this and to be fair it was based on box office tickets so must have some connection with what you and I like (what is shown at the UK box office of course).

I soon turned over as box office tickets are in no way linked to the quality of a film. I much prefer (and yes I know you're going to disagree Romero old bean :D ) top 100's which are based on critically acclaimed films simply because I usually agree with them.

Posted: 03 Dec 2004, 10:24
by grim_tales
Well this way as its based on box office sales there can be no arguing :D


Sound of Music was No.2 (I think)
Gone With the Wind was No.1, with 35m tickets sold :o

Posted: 03 Dec 2004, 21:37
by romerojpg
Its still shite, as it means nthing at all! we now have vids and dvd and TV , they didnt have that back then! thats why old films did so well in ticket sales, thats the Only reason, if Titanic was released back then it would have shit on all them!

based on critically acclaimed films simply because I usually agree with them.

hahah bollocks to that! them tossers know nothing and pick shit films every time!

Posted: 04 Dec 2004, 08:48
by grim_tales
Not necessarily Romero, perennial critically acclaimed classics like the Wizard of Oz, Singin' In The Rain or Casablanca for example, got nowhere near the top 100.
The original Terminator didnt get many UK ticket sales, (640,000) but its huge success came from video and TV at the time. Still, it was a low budget film.
Also to suggest its because there was no DVD in the 30s or 60's that such films like GWTW won the poll is stupid. Ben-Hur (suitably epic film on the same sort of scale as Titanic in the 50's) didnt win either.
Titanic and LOTR (all 3 films) got very high sales (cant remember how high) but you get an experience at the cinema you cant get watching a film at home, IMO - even with DVDs.

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Posted: 04 Dec 2004, 16:04
by romerojpg
Yes but your average person doesnt care where they see them at all, pirate dvds will do fine for most shit quality and all.