Look Around You - Mondays, 10pm on BBC2

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Look Around You - Mondays, 10pm on BBC2

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Did anyone see this? I quite liked it :D

The original series of 10 minute spoofs from 2002 that brilliantly lampooned old schools programmes of the 70's and 80's was such a cult hit that a new series was inevitable.

(and yes, the BBC were still repeating the real older shows, or doing them in that style when I was a nipper, right up to the mid 80's) :D..

This time, the target was "Tomorrow's World" and science programmes of that era, with them looking at "Music Of The Future".

It felt a bit thin stretching the format to 1/2 an hour at times, IMO.

The detail was superb, right down to the bad clothes, tacky sets and graphics. ;) When it was good (more often than not), it was really very funny, particularly when all 3 "candidates" performed their idea of what music will be like in 2000, not forgetting Jack Morgan (Bsc)'s song "Little Mouse" :D


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