New Battlestar Galactica

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New Battlestar Galactica

Post by Staffyman »

Is anyone else watching this, and if so, what do you think?

I enjoyed the recent mini-series and have also enjoyed the first two episodes of this first season.

When I read about the remake in SFX magazine I had really low expectations based upon all of the changes that had been made. However, it has completely kicked my expectations out of the window as it is probably tying with 'The Dead Zone' as my current fave program.

It's shot with a very nice style. It's dark, the handheld camera work and use of quick-zooms give it a nicely gritty, edgy feel...

Also babe fans might like the human cylon 'No. 6' and also 'Boomer.' :love:
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Post by romerojpg »

Hey I loved the Miniseries and cannot wait to see the actul series, and it all worked for me, the shaky cam style was stolen straight from FireFly and done by the same people tut tut, but its a great style and makes the show look better than it is as the zooming and out of fucus shots really look classy :)

Cannot wait to see the new series, but its either doanload it :( or wait for the dvd for me,
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Post by wazzabi »

I'm currently watching this and I'm really enjoying it. Admittedly I'm a huge fan of the original series and this new series is in no way similar to the original. So I don't really compare the two, on it's own though the new series has started off at a blistering pace and will hopefully keep it up in the weeks to come. I thought I was going to hate this before I saw the mini-series but now it is really coming into it's own. Top class.
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