Dead Ringers (BBC2) - US Election Special (last night)

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Dead Ringers (BBC2) - US Election Special (last night)

Post by grim_tales »

Anyone see this last night? Funny stuff :D

I liked the spoof election brodcasts by Bush - kerryscarykerryscarykerryscary.. etc, and the one about Bush driving to eliminate cupboard monsters. :D :D

There were some good jibes at Michael Moore as well...

"Why is Moore laughing? Why does he look so happy when I'm putting these horrible images and sad music soundtrack together?

Even though he was nowhere near Dallas in 1963, could the fact we have placed a picture of the 9 year old Moore and Kennedy SIDE BY SIDE be... entirely co-incidental?" :D

"I really had to get under Michael Moore's skin. See what makes him tick. Who better to interview first. Then someone. Who'd never met him"


Then he goes into a bank and gets told Moore isnt there but thinks the lady is just being difficult :D

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Post by Mordib »

sounds like it was good :D shame I missed it, anyone know if it is geting repeated?? (for once its a shame its not on sky1 ;))

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