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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eatser - Just Finished It!!!

Posted: 29 Mar 2005, 04:06
by thelostdragon

I just finished the game on the Easy setting... wow! Probably the most fascinating game I ever played. Storywise, I still enjoyed the original MGS on PSX the most. "Snake Eater" however has the best cut-scenes of all parts.

If you have a PS2 and like sneaking games or a good action movie, get this game.

Posted: 11 Apr 2005, 16:22
by tpr007
I just finished it also.

Very good, but I preferred the other iterations.

Posted: 17 Apr 2005, 22:12
by BiscLimpkit
You guys gonna get the MGS Extreme Box? :D

Posted: 17 Apr 2005, 23:53
by thelostdragon
Why in the world do the discs say E-V-I-L? LOL! Nice find, although I won't get this. Seems unnecessary if you ask me.

But something more important is actually who that hoe on your avatar is, lol?