Wnted: Jet Li Films (any not fussed)

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Wnted: Jet Li Films (any not fussed)

Post by Wesley-Snipes »

Hey PPL, i aint been on in ages i was wondering if anyone as any Jet Li films and are willing to sell or trade??? I am not looking for any inparticular (apart from Unleashed) any will do. Pkease let know thank you.


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Post by Yi-Long »

Dude, you looking to throw money away or something?
Now people are just gonna dump their worthless dubbed, cut jet li dvds on ya...

If I were you I'd read a couple of reviews, and then figure out which are Jet's best films, and which are worthy dvds to buy... cause he's made a bunch o great, enjoyable movies, but they won't be much fun to watch if you get a fucked up version with dumb voices and bad video quality...

Check these ones out:

Once upon a Time in China trilogy; http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=ti ... g=72&pa=sr

Hitman: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=ti ... g=72&pa=sr

and check out dddhouse.com for some more.
The Shaolin Temple series is old but good.
My Father is a Hero is pretty good

Some of his very best movies havent gotten decent releases yet, btw. Fist of Legend is his best work, but there isnt a good dvd out for it yet, so you might want to wait a while till they fix it... (it's dubbed, and they fucked up the soundtrack and sounds)

Ow, and since you seem new to asian cinema, and martial arts flicks, you probably wanna pick up Ong-Bak over at play, for 6,99 ...
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Post by Keung »


Once Upon A Time In China III - R0
- Need to get rid of this!

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