Enemy Territory (1987)

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Enemy Territory (1987)

Post by AVWFG »

Watched this 1980's B-movie action film that looked to be an attempt to launch pop star Ray Parker Jr. (cue the Ghostbusters theme song) as an action star. He plays Will, a phone company worker who helps a lowly insurance agent in an attempt to get out of an apartment building run by a gang called The Vampires, led by the count, played by Tony Todd. The duo enlist the aid of a Vietnam War vet, played by Jan-Michael Vincent to help them and well, chaos ensues.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2KNzTmyvvo

Full Review: https://worldfilmgeek.com/2016/10/08/re ... tory-1987/
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Re: Enemy Territory (1987)

Post by Markgway »

Saw this a couple of years ago.

This was my comment: "White insurance salesman is trapped in a hellhole tower block with a gang of black racist psychos who call themselves "the Vampires". Decent exploitation premise; pedestrian execution. Ray Parker, Jr.'s only starring role (as a nice black dude)."
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Re: Enemy Territory (1987)

Post by saltysam »

seems like a film that's slipped under the cracks..certainly not been seen since the EIV VHS in the uk....will have to seek it out. i MAY have seen it back in the day but my memory isn't what it was.
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