Your 2019 Film Stats

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Your 2019 Film Stats

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Total No. of Films Watched: 331




Favourite Film Discoveries
- Goodbye Mr. Tears (Shogoro Nishimura, 1966)
- War of the 16 Year Olds (Toshio Matsumoto, 1973)
- Suspense Series: Gendai onibabakō - Satsu ai (Koichi Takemoto, 1973)
- Failed Youth (Tatsumi Kumashiro, 1974)
- Pray (Koji Wakamatsu, 1979)

Honorary Mentions
- Circuit of Sorrow (Toru Murakawa, 1972)
- The Harlem Valentine Day (Shigeru Izumiya, 1982)
- Lover's Time (Shinichiro Sawai, 1987)

The Worst Films I Saw
- Hobo General (Teruo Ishii, 1976)
- Inujini seshi mono (Kazuyuki Izutsu, 1986)
- Downtown Heroes (Yoji Yamada, 1988)
- Railroad Man (Yasuo Furuhata, 1999)
- Sleepless (Dario Argento, 2001)

Notable Retrospectives Attended
- Kinji Fukasaku retrospective (National Film Archive)
- Teruo Ishii retrospective (Laputa Asagaya)
- Toho New Action retrospective (Laputa Asagaya)
- Kinnosuke Nakamura retrospective (Laputa Asagaya)
- Hot-Blooded Japanese Men retrospective (Jimbocho)

- Nothing really. I'm one film shy of 50 Kinji Fukasaku films, a few short of 150 Sonny Chiba films, one movie away from completing the New Abashiri Prison series...
- I did finally get to see Blade Runner on the big screen, but it was digital Imax so it doesn't really count.
- At least I caught a film called Pink Salon Hospital: No Pants Nurses (1997) in glorious 35mm. That should count for something, lol!

Fun Story
- Somehow I managed to make it to the Crazed Beast (1976) 35mm screening in Tokyo despite a delayed flight, cancelled airport train, wrong subway platform, and a taxi driver who didn't know where the theatre was. Even after all that, and lots of running, I managed to sit my ass in the seat 30 seconds before the film started.
- Great memories of recalling Rutger Hauer by attending Salute of the Jugger screening and then heading for some great beef and Dutch beer with a friend in Tokyo.
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Re: Your 2019 Film Stats

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Wow impressive stats recording man.
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