Retro Cinemas and Cult Films in Japan

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Re: Retro Cinemas and Cult Films in Japan

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Guro Taku wrote: 13 May 2022, 16:25 I don't want to imagine what 360i would look like projected on even a tiny screen. I once saw Mari Asato's The Boy From Hell screened from a 480i digibeta and that was not an enjoyable experience at all.
I've been to pink cinemas in Ueno and Ikebukuro (once in each) and they were screening digital files only, and some of them seemed like the same VHS-masters you see streaming on Fanza. No, it wasn't pretty.
Guro Taku wrote: 13 May 2022, 16:25 You may well be right. I haven't revisited the film since Toei first released it on DVD in 2005 and I definitely went into watching it with the wrong expectations, having just come off discovering the likes of Shogun's Joy of Torture and Inferno of Torture. Maybe it's time for a rewatch.
Yeah, expectations. I really had quite a good time seeing this in 35mm, partly because of the gorgeous print and projected on a big screen, but also because it's the kind of film that requires patience (it obviously isn't as exciting as the other films you mentioned) and sitting in theatre you have all the time to appreciate its visual merits and historical relevance. I'd love a good BD of this, but I'm not sure I'd enjoy the film as much at home.
Guro Taku wrote: 13 May 2022, 16:25 Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep my eyes peeled. ;) Now all that's missing, as far as my pinky violence needs are concerned, is 下苅り半次郎 (秘)観音を探せ. They'll have to get around to that eventually, right?
Yeah, you just need to kill Goro Ibuki :lol:

We also need 女囚やくざ.
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